græd - Decibels Mix Vol. 1

Place No Blame

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F*ck yeh.

totally unhinged scatterings of drums - traditional ceramic drums all sourced in Turkey, to be exact - squashed, high-on-emotions trumpet and subdued voice, collaged into 50mins of brukkup immersion from these lo-fi recorded drone/jazz/percussive one-take-sessions, in self-described free jazz terms.

Graed, via Glasgow's 'Place No Blame'.

We won't say much more, this is one of those that will probably prick up some of you girls & guys' ears on the first listen (count us in) - and you'll get it.
It's that kinda dark, twisted, high-on-life, high-on-vibes recording.

Cassette-only, C50, edition of 100 -
.... These are the last handful, according to the source.

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