• Memotone - Clever Dog
  • Memotone - Clever Dog
  • Memotone - Clever Dog
  • Memotone - Clever Dog

Memotone - Clever Dog

Accidental Meetings

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Memotone, aka Bristol's don dada multi-instrumentalist mentalist William Yates, lands on Accidental Meetings, the label (and runner of high grade club/not-club nights) also operating out of Bristol, two names that are truly pushing things forward in this city and beyond.

Great to see this local connection being made, and always good to hear a new piece from Memotone (also known as O.G. Jigg by the way!).
This one goes full fourth-world woozy across 13 tracks, letting Hassell'ian detuned wind instrument twistups rain down and shine over Sakamoto/Shimizu-school compositions and reductions - at least that's what we hear - resulting in a fully hazy, musically full, trip through warped worlds that are full of ambience, but not really ambient.... If that makes sense?

Well, nothing really makes sense in thi world anyway, let's be honest - and why should it? Also - sense is not what this album seems to be looking for - it seems more like there's a search for the unusual going on here.
On the 5th track (whoah, how did we even get here? Feels like we're lucid dreaming right now) - the subtle drone of machinery intermingles with the twinkle of metalic percussion and woodblock vibrations - leaving us feeling like we dug a hole out of a dreaded hospital waiting room, into a garden of zen - the latter being the stronger feeling for sure, thankfully. I guess what we're saying is - the sense of dread is subtle in these productions, remaining mostly as a kind of haunted contrast to the beauty of everything else. Contrast is also a keyword here I guess. Memotone's Clever Dog is walking off leash, sniffing out wondrous worlds in psychedelic mushrooms that grow on the hillside behind the highrise. Listening to this album is like a sensory trip between two worlds - the greyscale of our city world perhaps, and the multi-coloured facets of nature that lurk in between the cracks if you listen, or look  closely enough.

Of course we're metaphorically speaking here... Letting our imaginations be guided by the sounds we're hearing (it's called listening to music).
But this album truly is one made to transport your mind. dim the lights, turn it up - see where it takes ya.

We certainly like where it took us. Maybe we'll meet there one day?! Seems like a better place, either way. A world for clever dogs - don't try to understand it - after all, we're only human.

Served in fold-out J card, with onbody print.
Designed by Ciaran Birch.
Comes with DL.

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