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Seekersinternational - BadmanBoogie / KillDemSound

Future Times

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Yooooooooooo! SKRS at the controls with this fine 7", for Max D's Future Times imprint -

We're a few minutes late getting this one on in, but don't think for a second that we'd miss the chance to get our hands on some more SeekersInternational goods.
This disc, released towards the end of 2k19 (anyone remember those times?), sees the mysterious outernational soundsystem formation return with a kinda G Funk / boogie influx on the digital dancehall & lovers rock sound we've come to love from the sonically ultra flexible, and always highly musical SKRS kru.
The A Side 'BadmanBoogie' drifts towards the kind of territory that the earliest SKRS releases on Bokeh Versions presented, and the B Side 'KillDemSound' feels somewhere in between this, and that 'Rootprinciple' piece which came out on NoCorner a few years before, with extra dubplate material getting excavated between Bokeh & NoCorner in more recent years, for the RunComeTest! EP.

To put this short, it's another big hit from SKRS, served on 7" (perfect.) and lookin' good (of course!).

Limited edition import disc styleee.