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Stuart Chalmers / Graham Dunning - Home Taping


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Home Taping is the collaborative product of musicians Stuart Chalmers and Graham Dunning, a skudgy trek through lo-fi soundscapes and creaking drones, and an emblem of what can be done with a sound palette that eschews more populist notions of sampling and so-called ambient music...

Chalmers is a tape scavenger exploring the poetry of old cassettes, junk, household objects, electronics, contact mics and synths, while Dunning is an artist, musician and producer working with rhythm and drone, things that people throw away, DIY and collage. Together they've created a lovechild, which, through all its unconventional idiosyncracies, makes for powerful and intent listening.

In the vein of the kind of avant-garde sound-collage mixtapes and cassettes that are very much a product of the post-punk era, Chalmers and Dunning present their abrasive yet ethereal textures in a similar manner while also allowing snippets of the 21st century to seep through the fog - the dread-infused and cavernously spacious Ice Nine shares aesthetic similarities with the UK's post-hardcore dance music landscape, while Wolf Moon treads similar ground to Lily's various forays into retro-futurist techno.

This is a limited edition of 30, with a screen-printed cover taken from a collage by Jay Harper.

Ice Nine

Wolf Moon