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Delicate, considered and totally breathtaking rhythmic structures from the collaborative minds of Rupert Clervaux & Beatrice Dillon.

A progression of their installation piece for the Lissom Gallery in 2013, finally available on vinyl thanks to the excellent Snow Dog label. Exploring a space between minimal techno, folk and free jazz, the duo offer 12 rhythmic constructs that call to mind some classic M-nus tracks as much as they do Shackleton and that killer AFX Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments record from last year.

The early, more exploratory pieces on the album give way to the fully formed, beat driven constructs of ‘VIII’, ’IX’ and ‘X’ roll out on brittle kick drums and cascading percussion before really turning loose on a free jazz tip towards the end of the album. Mesmerising stuff this, deceivingly complex and very highly recommended by us.

If you have had the pleasure of catching Beatrice’s NTS shows or have been lucky enough to hear the mix of Highlife selections on the MBE cassette series, this is a must.