• Tara Clerkin & Pat Benjamin - Live at Bliss Archive
  • Tara Clerkin & Pat Benjamin - Live at Bliss Archive
  • Tara Clerkin & Pat Benjamin - Live at Bliss Archive

Tara Clerkin & Pat Benjamin - Live at Bliss Archive

Bliss Archive

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Beautiful jazz-not-jazz loop finding improv excursions from Pat Benjamin and Tara Clerkin (of Tara Clerkin Trio fame) - recorded at a set of live shows in Bristol, at the Strange Brew venue earlier this year, and now put onto tape, presented as the 'first physical totem' via the Bliss Archive label.

Nice surprise to hear from our friend Felix (aka Jackson Veil Panther) with this one, dropped straight to our door. Felix has been making some real intriguing moves with the Bliss Archive imprint of late (check out Bivouac!) taking in a collaborative approach across music projects and live events, and contributing something fresh to the Bristol music water system, to make sure it keeps flowing right and doesn't stagnate.

If, like us, you can't get enough of the Tara Cerkin Trio - check their 2020 self titled debut on Laura Lies In and the disc on World Of Echo, if you haven't yet. Mesmerising stuff - then you'll probably be up for indulging into this sidestepping improv excursion from Pat & Tara, each live on stage with piano, loop pedals, cdjs as instruments, and all sorts of sound makers and twisters that make good sound, when used good.... Did we say this was good already?

Well, it just is. Buy the tape and you're buying yourself a smile from ear to ear... 

Here, in case you needed more concrete-deets, check what the label say about each side... 

"On side A, Tara stretches the CDJs to their logical conclusion, creating a collage of pulsating jazz loops and psychedelic lounge moods.

Side B sees Pat’s first solo outing as performer (having regularly appeared as keys man in Tara’s eponymous Trio). Armed with just a piano and some effects, he creates a blissful neo-classical patchwork that is both tranquil and warped in equal measure.

We hope this release acts not only as a memory of what was a beautiful evening, but also a demonstration of the creative capabilities of two of the most singular minds in the city."

Lovely stuff.

Edition of 100.
Printed onbody tape, printed inlay.
C72. aka 72 minutes total run time.

Side A: Tara Clerkin CLIP

Side A: Tara Clerkin CLIP 2

Side B: Pat Benjamin CLIP

Side B: Pat Benjamin CLIP 2