Tara Clerkin Trio -

Laura Lies In

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Absolute blinder of an album from Bristol's very own Tara Clerkin Trio, served up via Laura Lies In -

This is the repress, because the first run flew out in a flash... And deservedly so.
Same music, but comes with a different artwork insert -

We've been aware of the Tara Clerkin Trio making the rounds in the live circuit around Bristol and beyond, and had always wanted to check them out, but hadn't had a chance yet. This is very high on the list now (when that time comes again of course).
Their contribution to a recent Noods comp was a big favourite here too, and after our friend Adam from the inimitable SCHWET gang made sure that we get this record here in before it flies out again, we're now fully hooked on TCT, - high as a kite! -

Their sound seems to perfectly capture a weird & wonderful sound zone that sits ultra comfortably - or maybe better put: kind of lurks in the a dimly lit, shimmery zone between - Languidity era Sun Ra, Oh Superman era Laurie Anderson (oh and maybe some Shadow Blood era Lena Platanos?), maybe even some F Ingers or Carla Dal Forno on a slightly less gloomy, but equally hazy day. There's even a bit of late 90's / early 00's K&D / acid jazz type biz in there (but this will age much better, we'd say!).

Not sure what else to add here for reference (done enough already too... Sorry about that), But it doesnt' really matter what this could compare to you know... This stuff stands alone in the way that it's just a beautifully realised album, and such strong, singular material throughout.
Basically, we get the feeling that Tara Clerkin Trio want to invite you behind that red curtain in the black lodge... Time ticks differently here, and things aren't what they seem.

Just trust us when we say - this is a real nice album, perfectly paced, spaced and peppered with some proper 'hits' too. The kind of thing that you can appreciate more with each listen, and the kind of album where each track makes sense, at once by itself, but also as part of the trip - a real journey, a real mood from the very beginning, right til the end.

...Or as the label themselves put it, nicely, we thought: Positively grey.

Big, big tip on this.

Mastered by Rupert Clerveux,
served with 12" x 12" poster insert.

In The Room
I Know He Will
Gold Bar
Any Of These
There Will Be Time


I Know He Will


Any Of These