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As usual, Blackest Ever Black come on strong, this time along with the jazz-abstractions and new age experimentalism from Australian, Berlin resident Tarquin Manek, who delivered one of our favourite releases of 2015, in the Tarcar guise.

Touching on the outer reaches of jazz, no wave, ambient and drone amongst others, this LP sees Manek play with essentialised sonic contrasts: Sassafrass Gesundheit pits Clarinet against tape noise and hiss, while Perfect Scorn matches up gorgeous, ethereal vocal chops with atonal resonant atmospheres, as a sub-heavy backbone keeps the mood oppressive.

All 5 tracks on this LP explore completely different territory: ethereal, complex and utterly unique, this is a package worthy of steadfast home listening and repeated listening. This is not for the faint-hearted, but will reward everyone willing to take the plunge.

Includes free mp3/FLAC download.

Sassafras Gesundheit

Fortunes Past

Fortunes Begun

Perfect Scorn