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Feloneezy - Axis To Axis EP

Baroque Sunburst

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Belgrade sound-surfer Feloneezy steps out of the Hyperdub zone for a fresh excursion into next-gen, hi-freq jungle/not-jungle bassweight experimentation, pressed & packed up good & proper via Baroque Sunburst

The fourth disc on the label, Axis to Axis gives us four cuts of footwork and jungle influenced mind-drifters and pressurized soundsystem explorations, expertly blending a more ethereal floating sound world with a heavy, bass-driven sound, culminating in a widescreen flux of charged club rhythms and stretched, otherwordly ambience -
it's this fusing of opposite moods and frequencies which makes the record stand out as unique and interesting, and - most importantly - very enjoyable, wether on headphones, your living room speakers, or on an oversized soundsystem rig.

Killer stuff musically, and served up - once again - in some extra-badass sleeve art from Pietro Agostoni.

Edition of 300, served with translucent overprint-stickers in bright yellow disco bag.
Mastered by Anne Taegert at Dubplate & Mastering, Berlin.


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