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Model Home - One Year


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The Disciples crew treat us to this genre defying and effervescent collection of tracks from DC's Model Home.

The duo of MC NappyNappa and beat maker Patrick Cain made no fewer than 8 beat tapes between 2018 and 2019 - the 11 cuts on this here album are archived and curated by Disciples and given a very welcome vinyl issue.

Enter the world of Model Home - true DIY spirit, from their Shapeshifting electronics, heavily processed vocals, oceans of tape hiss, freeform compositions loosely harnessed and transferred to vinyl - touching on post-punk, rap, dubwise production techniques and beyond. Bridging the gap between Dischord and chopped and screwed beat tapes a-la Spectre, and chartering new territory - Model Home have a sound all their own.

Proper exhilarating listening start to finish this one - taking you from codine laced slo-mo to harsh ferric stabs that'll have you ready to smash up yer living room - go get a copy, then go start a band!

Limited copies. Includes DL code.

In case you needed further persuading - the (as always, excellent) copy from the label -

Otherworldly beat science from the currently vibrant Washington DC underground. The heavily processed MCing of NappyNappa weaves in and out of the skewed electronics and stuttering percussion of Patrick Cain. Loosely affiliated with the Future Times crew and featuring contributions from Dolo Percussion (aka Max D).

In the duo’s own words “a collaborative experiment in liberated sound, vision, and performance“, Model Home orbit in their own universe, with glimmers of light from distant galaxies refracted in their sound. Some moments are reminiscent of DJ Screw, MF Doom or a mangled dub sound system cassette that’s been left in the sun for too long, the grainy collage backing tracks closer to the sick midwest drones of Aaron Dilloway than any modern beatmakers, but this is implicitly it’s own thing. The spirit of free improvisation pervades the tracks, a sound evolving from two artistic sensibilities bouncing off each other without a set plan and creating a third pathway to unknown worlds.

One Year compiles tracks from 8 different self-released mixtapes made during an intense initial 12 month period of musical activity that birthed the project. Approached with the same archival sensibility that Disciples has brought to albums-that-never-were from Black Lodge, Bogdan Raczynski and His Name As Alive, but with the idea of creating a framework to present an underground NOW sound. A Jamaican style ‘showcase’ album for these outliers from the District of Columbia. Although without sonic precedent it somehow makes a kind of perverse sense that these sounds have emerged from the same place that birthed Dischord Records and Trouble Funk.

Push Thru - (feat Boost Marty Heem Cherry & Dolo Percussion)

Damn Disco 99 - (feat Discipline 99)


Cheek To The Matrix - (feat Jelani)