• Safe Planet - Safe Planet EP
  • Safe Planet - Safe Planet EP

Safe Planet - Safe Planet EP

Sweet Sensation

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Wicked to see Young Echo's Neek & Ishan Sound finally reveal their long anticipated first 12" as Safe Planet.

This project sees scientist of pan-pipe laden, ruff&tuff soundsystem tekkers Ishan Sound team up in the lab with Neek. Neek's crate digging love for early 90s hardcore and jungle techno along with his wide array of sample-finding (honed also as part of O$VMV$M) adds creative pathways to this combo of dancefloor geared, breakbeat & rave euphoria inducing hype.

Across four cuts, Safe Planet turn up the energy dial in fine style. This disc is not shy of humour but packed with plenty punch same way. Proper party gear, or just a good mood lift and gunfinger inspiration for the home hi fi.

Also great to see this record mark the first vinyl on the Nadoone & Semtek's Sweet Sensation label, which has run parties in between Bristol and London, bringing back some true old school flavour.

Big tunes!

Watch yer bassbins...




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