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Three decades of sonics from veteran producer F. Pomassl aka Seismik Krew, served up on LATON across two 12"s, incl remixes from DJ Sotofett, Alessandro Cortini and the late Randy Barracuda >>

"This double album follows the rhythmical side of Pomassl's work, inhering elements of the Skeleton series (est. 1996), heavy syncopated leftfield, and always psychoactive chains of industrial techno. Consistanty keeping the world of sound brim filled in a masterly manner..."

If you didn't clock Pomassl's discography yet (some gems in to be found) - then this Seismik Krew round up of works dished up via LATON, will serve a great purpose of making various gems from the crystal maze of Pomassl's works available on wax, collated carefully, with only the most unhinged and future-proof experimentations finding their way onto this disc - taking in strands of footwork, industrial, techno, and other brutalist rhythm excursions and pressurized soundsystem cuts, this self-titled double dics should provide food for those who are hungry for that real headsy leftfield-ish, dank & dangerous throughout, always at the brink of implosion, unhinged and rhythmically diverse, yet there is some of that techno focus in the arrangement and productions, functional and funky at the same time.

Remixes are top class as expected - kicking off with a good ol' DJ Sotofett Jungle Riddimix (who remembers that B Side of Hotline003?) - peppered with a wicked, wicked Randy Barracuda rework on the A3, and then finished off with the Alessandro Cortini remix to finish up the final side of disc two.

Well versatile, this set of 12"s culminates in a weighty collection of flexible techno workouts, and more hi-tek off-beat type excursions that sound solid in 2021, and will no doubt hold up in the future, seen as they already passed some testing of time!

A1. Skorpio (DJ Sotofett Flaedripp & Jungle riddimix)
A2 Suomi FM
A3 Skorpio(feat Randy Baracuda X Loog G)

B1. Polarkus
B2. Echo Init (feat Ell Sonic)
B3. Mechanoreceptor

C1. The Warmth On The Skin Of Infrasonic
C2. Airgun Array

D1. Delta Spraker
D2. Tons Of Overtime
D3. Ingegneria Sismica (Alessandro Cortini mix)


Skorpio (DJ Sotofett Flaedripp & Jungle riddimix) 

Echo Init (feat Ell Sonic) 

Airgun Array 

Tons Of Overtime