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Shanti Celeste - Catalytic Cracking

Climate Of Fear

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Shanti Celeste on the decks in Berlin, recorded and put onto tape via Climate Of Fear >>

Dear Shanti, who used to serve us records from behind the counter at Idle Hands back in the day (around 2010ish?), is an old friend and it's great to see how far she's gone over the years, providing the music on the 1s & 2s and running her Peach Discs imprint, as well as of course some stellar discs of her own music for the likes Chris at Idle Hands.

Load up this tape for some cherry picked selections - from dubbed out electro & jungle through to off-kilter house & techno and other good vibes from Shanti Celeste, recorded in 2019, but still sounding real nice in 2021 (and beyond).

Strictly cassette, just over 60minutes run time,
served in limited edition with nice artwork, printed all over.

Side A clip 1

Side A Clip 2

Side A Clip 3