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Space Afrika - Untitled (To Describe You)


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Warping soundtrack version excursions from Manchester’s Space Afrika, out on a nice 10″ with original cut + three versions, via sferic

Originally conceived for a short film from Manchester-born visual artist, poet and filmmaker Tibyan Mahawah Sanoh, the untitled 10min opening track sets the foundation for Joshua Inyang and Joshua Tarelle’s Space Afrika treatment across four constellations, or versions.
Sanoh’s words & poetry get mangled into a morphing narrative of sound, shifting between waves of blue mood piano, stretched out string ambience and subtle rhythmic interjections, with an abstracted dubwise approach to each element.
The collages of frequency move deftly through phased, re-pitched instruments & sample twisting, street recordings, voices, sudden blasts of rhythm, or widescreen string melodies, all forming a fluid, morphing cloud that shifts through emotions in a really potent, heartmelting way.

Killer stuff, hard to pick a favourite between all these versions – each one’s full of subtle surprises and mood shifts, and intricate detail in the sounds – if you like the sounds of Burial, Broshuda, Micachu, CHI Factory, then you’ll probably be digging this too.... But there’s no real need for comparisons really: Space Afrika do their thing in their own, unique & affective way.

Comes served in a real nice sleeve design too.

Untitled (To Describe You) [OST] feat. Tibyan Mahawah Sanoh

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3