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Style Trilogy X Noods Radio (Noods Radio Cassette)


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<< ALL PROCEEDS GO TO CHARITY: ACE Youth Music Project >>

Yes yes, we've been waiting to get our hands on this for aaaaages! Finally it's here.

Extended RWDFWD family Anina (one of Bristol's finest DJ's ICYMI) and Guest (aka Jasmine / 1/3rd of Jabu / Young Echo) come forward with a triple punch of martial arts junglist turntable vs electronic abstractions, packed and presented via the good ol Noods Radio HQ -

if you're well tuned in to some of the waves of sound that emit from this city, then you probably already know the score, and have checked out Anina's radio shows, or seen her get behind the decks (maybe even at one of our Hotline nights, or for that 'Strictly Hotline Mix' that Anina made!) and you'll know that Anina reaches highly dedicated boss levels and we're big fans.
Same goes for 'guest' aka Jasmine, one of the singers in Jabu, part of Young Echo, and also someone with a real knack for electronics, 16mm film manipulation and other experimental media techniques - we're constantly impressed.

Anina and guest also make up two thirds of the new 'AMA' project with Sunun, and I guess their ventures (that sadly had to be put on hold during lockdown) have partly informed the approach to these mixtapes, which tread a line between sampling, electronics and DJ technique, to form something extra immersive, a real exploration of sound, and vibe.

Anyway, enough of our waffling, you get the idea - this is the real deal right here, and it sounds not quite like anything else, in our opinion.

Read on:

"We are proud to present to your ears the Style Trilogy tape pack. Three jungle mixes incorporating live experiments created from afar during the pandemic. Pure jungle indulgence from guest and Anina broadcast on Noods Radio in a series of 3 shows throughout Spring/Summer 2020, now available on cassette with an exclusive Style Trilogy tee. All profits deposited to ACE Youth Music Project.

Right at the beginning of what was to become the strangest year so far this century, Anina and guest started working out ways to stitch their mixes together from two different sides of the city. Pulling out their favourite jungle records, recording and sharing, they weaved their collaborative mix with elements of live sonic experiments.

Starting in March and ending in May they created three mixes with their own distinct styles: Snake Style, Crane Style & Dragon Style.

Working together with Noods Radio we present STYLE TRILOGY: a tape pack and tshirt release, designed by Bristol based graphic artist, Rendergal.

All profits go to ACE Youth Music Project - specifically to buy DJ equipment to train the next generation of DJs ready for when the night wakes up again."


Design by RenderGal.
Packed in laser cut Noods box.

Snake Style (Preview)

Crane Style (Preview)

Dragon Style (Preview)