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Teresa Winter - Motto Of The Wheel

Death Of Rave

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Raw & feverish rave nostalgia and weird world searchin' masterclass from Teresa Winter on Death Of Rave, served on a double-disc album nice & proper -

Motto Of The Wheel presents itself in Teresa Winter's morphing freeform style, threading her own vaporous string somewhere between industrial, jungle/hardcore, dream pop and sound collage.

This album feels to us like a story unfolding, or some kind of vivid, almost-visual shapeshifting sonic drift through serotonin-charged mind zones, with a foggy, multi-layered narrative that plays out in the shadows of the echo chamber.

The label say "It’s Teresa's most accomplished and significant album since she debuted in 2015 - its richly layered and psychedelic nature speaking to her experience growing up in Bridlington, on a key liminal zone of the East Yorkshire coast, where she was just as inspired by formative studies in classical music as the dance-pop tunes blasting from arcades and a fairground by the beach. "

The worlds Teresa conjures up and draws from definitely seem vast and linked to not just one narrative, but rather acting in some kind of shifting amalgamation of experiences and sound research.

Kicking off with a dizzying kind of jungle melancholia, recalling A Guy Called Gerald as much as Aphex Twin in a unique way, before warping into warm Yorkshire accents talking about the dangers of 'Tombstoning' on Radio or TV perhaps - this is just the first track on the LP and you already notice a kind of brilliantly surreal yet perfectly grounded sense of abstraction, a theme that continues in subtle forms throughout.

Track 2 plunges into a mad dreamworld bassline / tekno / synth pop slush that eventually sounds like it was re-sampled & mangled through twitchy samplers or tape players a million times over in some kind of timewarp, which comes to mindgazing near-standstill on following tracks Iso E Super and Spiral Dance, switching the mood to something more stretched out and withdrawn, as we re-tune.

Winter Pleasure sounds like the endorphin rush is kicking in real good now after some deep introspection, green lasers light the pitch black room and the adrenaline kicks in, but all the while there remains a stillness and a brittleness there that keep the heart wrenched tightly and ears focused. Then things kind of re-set and go far-out into a weightless, opiated descent through 'Energy Buoy' & 'Glowing fog, Dark Yellow Mist' and 'Touch My Soul..' with their parts icey, energising, balance with an opiated wooze. Guided through concrete rainbows in a surreal architectural constellation of sound and the rhythmical harmonies they find between them, there are morphing, strangely lit worlds to explore here in TW's music.

Following Emptiness Is Also An Excess, is another highlight of the album for us, sounding like some kind of fictive alien transmission via VHS recorder, using 90's happy hardcore videos at wrongspeed for human evaluation.
As slowly we reach the end course of this fully-fluid LP, we descend into disorientating, reverse underwater scenario fully immersed in it's reverse before being shaken out of it with a tongue-in-cheek (literal) plunge, recalling earlier scenes and diving into the perfectly weird watery pop sparkle, where the big question asking 'What's Wrong With Tombstoning?', can be followed by another big question, as the final track 'Does He Love Me?' leads the way out of that wondrously paranoid and ephereal world Teresa Winter just told us about.

Beautifully strange, versatile and compositionally rich - yet brazenly minimalistic when needed - Teresa Winter's Motto Of Wheel is basically like a fully-absorbed journey through some kind of cyberpunk'd, post-rave UK countryside surrealist dream drama or something...
Hard to explain what we mean here... it's a frazzling one - but it sounds fkn great and it's well worth your visit - believe us.

Mastered by Rashad Becker, artwork by David Winter.
Pressed on blue vinyl, in printed sleeve.

1. Echo Disappears 02:25
2. Hard Life In Plastic 04:10
3. Iso E Super 04:11
4. Spiral Dance 01:33
5. Pleasure 03:55
6. Energy Buoy 04:38
7. Glowing fog, Dark Yellow Mist 04:20
8. Touch My Soul, Pray For My Body 03:40
9. Emptiness Is Also An Excess 04:25
10. Motto Of The Wheel 05:18
11. What's Wrong WIth Tombstoning? 01:42
12. Does He Love Me? 04:34

Echo Disappears

Winter Pleasure

Energy Buoy

Emptiness Is Also An Excess