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Much needed repress of this crucial piece from Civilistjävel! on Perko's FELT label!

If you've caught previous discs from the illusive Civilistjävel! then you know that these won't hang around for too long, and that your hurry will be paid back with a pure, and much needed sense of disconnection from time & space. Just stick the record on the player and see for yourself.

Or, if you need further conviction, read this very worthy bit of info from the label themselves:
"There isn’t much to go on other than the soundscapes when it comes to Civilistjävel! What is rumoured to be a figment of the pre-internet era tapping into a similar consciousness as Biosphere, Chain Reaction or early Fax +49-69/450464 is ultimately left up to second guessing. For the average listener crossing paths with the project, a steady run of small-run, minimally packaged LPs has cemented Civilistjävel! as a leading force in the dub techno/glacial drone scene of present.

However niche that may sound, this collection of tracks for Perko’s new FELT imprint navigates the same territories as the previous outings but with the folkloric tag “Iron Night” to help guide our ears. A Swedish expression for long nights of frost that damage plants and crops, the spectral and foreboding atmosphere of the opening cut already hints at the direction of the album. Combining dense ambient synth layers with hard to place industrial motifs (sometimes in rhythm, sometimes chaotically arranged are what Civilistjävel! does best, indeed Järnnätter unfolds as a piece of work you can really spend time with. At points it feels as if the machines in some old factory complex have spluttered back to life through some unknown force and have begun to sing to one another. Other times the atmosphere is akin to a hydrophone placed deep into an ice-covered lake and the synthetic pulses of ‘A2’ are the only vaguely human touch. However, the sparse melodic flourishes across the record stem from an interest in psalms and early Swedish folk music, the juxtaposition of machine-led intuition and personable studiousness adding a hidden depth to the album.

If the collectability of previous Civilistjävel! outings are anything to go by, we encourage you to act fast!"

Yes, you heard. Now take the dive into the cold, but refreshing waters of Civilistjävel!

Printed sleeve.
Artwork by Rebecka Holmström.

P.S. we heard there are some new remixes of this record on the horizon.... 

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