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Don Mandarin - Tapes - Vol. 4 Art Edition


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Long lost treasures from the ferric-wound depths of Bristol's DIY underground -

these are the last two copies on this planet!

Handed over by our friend Ross at Bathtub Printing / Bumtapes HQ, our local go-to-spot for screenprinting of record sleeves or Tshirts, who quietly runs a great DIY cassette label that has put out some top notch, painstakingly hands-on, mad-limited releases of experimental underground music over the years.

When talking about today's underground cassette culture, this right here is the real deal!

This box set here comes in an edition of 7 - "because it's just too much work putting these together" - and it features five original tapes, each with individual artwork, containing excursions from the much-revered Bristolian veteran Don Mandarin.
We'll keep the music as a bit of a surprise (it's pretty scarce online anyway, and we'd like to keep it that way... plus it'll be totally worth the patience and trust when you open this one up and consume the contents - it's a proper treat, sonically and visually - trust us on that one!

It's packed in a special box with artwork and contains two hand-made booklets too...
Anyway, read on for the full info & background - and you'll get the sense for what this is all about!

"Around three years ago when I was still living at 'bum towers' I answered my door to a guy handing me a bunch of cassettes, asking if I was Bumtapes and did I want to give them a listen. I don't think much else was said except "cheers, I'll check them out" he seemed in a rush and I didn't catch his name. Due to the state of my flat (and myself) at the time, they got covered by piles of junk before I got to play them. When they finally appeared again some time later, listening to them, I was blown away with its mixture of Musique Concrete and strange urban and industrial ambience. No contact details, only vague and conflicting titles. I couldn't even remember what the guy looked like and internet searches drew a blank, so the tapes slowly got mixed up in the piles again. About six months later he finally got in contact again and after two years of sporadic emails and missed meetings we finally met up to dig through a mountain of unreleased tape recordings (far too many to pass on) to get the long promised release realised."

"If you have an old radio and you turn the tuning wheel right to the end of the frequency dial then force it a bit more til the wheel breaks, you'll find similar transmissions. Documented exorcisms of old tape machines. An audio travel diary of the passing between rooms."

Here it is! Volume 4:
The conclusion to the seance...
spectral sounds meet ambient techno.
If listening alone make sure to cover all mirrors.

A five cassette boxset housed in a high quality embossed card box with
numbered screen-printed dust covers, each edition comes with two full colour
20 page handbound/hand-stitched Art books with screen-printed covers.