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Francis Bebey - Psychedelic Sanza (1982-1984)

Born Bad Records

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The definite one, the ultimate far-out journey with the legendary Francis Bebey -

Issued via Born Bad Records, Psychedelic Sanza does as the title suggests... The African thumb-piano is a centrepiece to the mind-frazzling afro explorations of Bebey, the Cameroun-born Parisian who displayed a whole array of talents during his life (1929 - 2001) - He was a multi-instrumentalist, singer, journalist, sculptor, musicologist, writer & polomist, a creative force that managed to channel his worldly-ness with his art.

This collection of works from '82-'84 manages to capture a feverish sort of percussive, melodic and song-driven feeling throughout it's course, with Bebey's Sanza syncopations tuning into the synapses as deeply grooving basslines, talking drum, flute, guitar, thudding kick drums and his african, folk-styled, yet almost alien in it's delivery, vocal sing-song drifts from sweet and full of lifeforce, to distorted and timestretched - always in harmony with the urgency of the tunes - and that is the real strength of this record... There is such a unified feeling to it all... Nothing feels out of place, and each tune swells amongst it's peers like a beating heart.

Masterful stuff, proper escapism into the most exotic corners of the imagination and a wholly spiritual trip, this is one of those records that will unveil itself to you in new ways with each listen.

Served in real good-looking gatefold, with printed inners housing each 12" disc, shrinkwrapped.

Sanza Nocturne
Sanza Tristesse
African Sanza
Forest Nativity
Sunny Crypt
Binta Madiallo
Tumu Pakara
Di Saegi
Ngoma Likembe

Sanza nocturne


Forest Nativity

Africa Sanza