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Gianni Denitto - Café d'Arab

Musica Altra

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A wholly unique disc from Gianni Denitto, complete with a wicked Japan Blues rework -

Musica Altra is a new Italian label exploring underground seams of music from around the world. The label’s first release is an EP by jazz saxophone experimentalist, Gianni Denitto, who's been traveling the globe performing and recording sounds on the way.

Cafe d'Arab is from the Moroccan leg of his journey and serves a preview for his forthcoming album. A floor-focussed multi-genre lick of styles, that absorbs and contorts various strands of jazz, Moroccan percussive and vocal styles into a unique, enthrilling and unquantifiable piece of electronic music.

To top it off, there's an absolutely wicked Japan Blues re-work of the title track on the flipside that strips back on the arrangement of the original and accentuates the Moroccan influences that permeate this work, complete with a time signature that invites legs and heads to shake what yo mamma gave ya.

Beautiful record!

Café d'Arab

Tillsamman's Ballad

Café d'Arab (Japan Blues' Moroccan Solid Re-Hash)