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Jacob Miller / Inner Circle - Ghetto on Fire (Pressure Sounds 7'')

Pressure Sounds

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The original Jacob Miller and his Inner Circle band on this raw, heartfelt piece of political music -

A fierce reflection on Kingston’s downtown strife from Jacob Miller.
Miller was a downtown ghetto dweller who had managed to work himself into the bohemian uptown scene. Junior Delgado had apparently come to a session as Kingston’s ghetto was on fire and imbued a Miller / Inner Circle recording session with a tale of apocalyptic doom from downtown. Crackling gunfire then ‘Uptown downtown all around town fire fire’ sings Miller as the Lewis Brothers rhythm section kicks in.

... You heard it.
Raw roots from downtown Kingston.

Pressure Sounds comin' correct once again, with this killer re-issue.

Pressed by Tommy Cowans on the Arab imprint.
Comes in a hand stamped bag with a sparse dub version on the flipside.

Ghetto On Fire