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Lozenger - Motes

Stray Signals

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Fresh in the post from the Stray Signals label, we have this special cassette release manifestation from three heads that run, and surround the label / DIY event organisers -

Emanuele (aka WSR of Contort fame), Pete (Cunningham, aka head of Bristol-based Ishmael Ensemble), and Alf (Stray Signals Berlin operator and musician / engineer)  are the heads behind this fine piece of electro-acoustic freeform syrup. Together, as Lozenger, the music sways in a perfectly angular, or at least non-linear trajectory across jazz-dub / late-night type introspection in a hazy exploration of collaborative playing, calling & responding. The unlikely rhythms and melodics whirl and swish around their three axis's in a kind of gently pulsing, hallucinogenic call & response of instruments, which feels like it's always in search of new spaces. It's human music, effectively, but the wormholes the sound of the instruments enter via signal chains made up of various effects and sonic trickery, give this tape a woozy sense of constant orientation and sound-searching, always full of intrigue.

Ltd edition of 100.
C34 = 34 minutes total play time.
Transparent tape with black liner, pad printed tampography.
Comes with DL.

Guitar and electronics: Alf Brooks
Saxophone: Pete Cunningham
Bass, objects and strings: Emanuele Porcinai

Mixed by Emanuele Porcinai.
Mastered by Jordan Juras.


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