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Petit Singe - Kind A (Haunter Records 7")

Haunter Records

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Limited edition drop of 150 7" / 45's, cut with otherworldy spiritual breakbeat doom from Petit Singe via Milan's Haunter Records -

Having impressed with her Akash Ganga LP on the label, this disc further cements her status as a real production force in the HR team.
It's about as science fiction as it can get, in the way that the best sci-fi edges the as-of-yet surreal but nonetheless inevitable, alongside a grounded vision of past & present.
Petit Singe seems to find the connection between age-old human traditional music from her birthplace India, and place it in a highly dystopian, forward-thinking rave setting, the kind of place that the Macao venue (the home of Milan's rave underground) can transport it's subjects to in the darkest of nights.

Super-charged swarms of low-frequency form the most guttural of attributes and currents, re-sizing your molecules whilst immensely intricate percussive elemenents flutter like the eyelids of a test patient during peak-time brain surgery in a dystopian future.
Memories of ancient indian tabla traditions are loaded into the memory drive, combining data with the hardest of hardcore breakbeats, only to be hacked and shattered just prior to the vibration point of that 18" scoop bassbin...
If your body is not geared for this kind of frequency, you are about to feel the consequences.

Dangerous stuff.

Edition of 150.