• Trance Mediterranea: Ecstatic Greece

Trance Mediterranea: Ecstatic Greece

MBE Series

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Valuable double tape archive of 

Mediterranean dance rituals from the always on point MBE series - this one also includes a great A6 photo book too - Sold out everywhere else and we were only able to get a few - these'll go quick!

'Trance Mediterranea is an ongoing research that presents thriving, ancestral, popular practices from the Mediterranean region, with an ear to the ethnological and anthropological.

Popular dances and rituals are observed not as anachronistic vestiges, but as celebratory and current folk customs that continue to hold an influential role in the bonds of contemporary society.

Trance Mediterranea aims to reflect on the idea of Mediterranean cultures in Greece, Spain, Italy, the Balkans, Middle East and North Africa as distinct yet united through shared aspects of communal trance music making and rites celebrations.'

Series of 100 oversized resealable bags containing a box of 2 C60 blu cassettes with clear case + A6 photo-zine served in a bubble bag. Everything individually stamped and numbered.



Tape 1 & Tape 2 clips