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1281 - Elon's Mask Zine


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Fresh in the post from Athens, this killer graphic zine by Athen's baddest '1281', printed up via BH -

This one's for the strong coffee & cigarettes crew, and it comes loaded with sketches and drawings from Athen's prolific graff' artist 1281, who's art you may have spotted on walls, buildings, bins, or whatever other surface needs that lick of paint around the town.

If you haven't seen these pieces, you may otherwise have seen 1281's drawings grace one of the more recent tshirts for Berceuse Heroique, the label that has consistently supplied us with quality music from all corners over the years, pressing up soundsystem bangers, or some tripped out synth jams, or a long lost dubstep classic that literally had people queueing down half of Stokes Croft one hot summer day.

This zine, aptly titled 'Elon's Mask' is a ruff and ready, DIY sketch book style exploration of certain current themes that pervade the (internet) society's (sometimes) mutual madness and baffling celebrity worlds, with a much needed dose of dark humour, to help cope with the surreality of life.

37 page zine, A5, B&W.
Limited Edition bizniz.