• KM/MM - Moderne Musik
  • KM/MM - Moderne Musik

KM/MM - Moderne Musik

Travel By Goods

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Mad good scuzz from o.g. dons Mix Mup & Kassem Mosse via the ever-great Travel By Goods imprint, which also gave us the Sustainable Skip Storage and Arthur Boto Conley gems.

Rumour on the street has it that this KM/MM record even got air time on Wilted Woman's Deep Puddle radio show on Cashmere Radio... If that isn't enough to convince even the most stern critical minds, then we can't help you!

hand-stamped heavyweight DIY gatefold LP.
+ 16-page booklet in die-cut sleeve limited to 250 copies.

Brut Rose

Dim Sum Wirksam (1:37)

Edition Virtuelle (3:57)

"Voices (1:09)

Artist Tips (2:19)

Pizza Auf Der Piazza (part 2) (4:54)

Duralex (8:12)

Mezzo Mix Kardaloop (3:18)

RSVP (I Must Rake Off) (2:05)

Bring A Date (1:17)

Der Schluessel Zu Paris" (2:31)