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Max Kelan Collected Writing and Poetry (Tape + Zine Ceramics)


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The latest & greatest from our friends at Ceramics -

A dedication to the poetry & writings of Bristol's one and only Max Kelan (Bad Tracking / Salac / ATC / video artist / all round legend etc etc!),

manifested in this 20 page zine full of raw poetry and writings, plus art & photography, along with a C40 tape recorded at St. Gabriel's Industrial Estate, around the Avon Area.

We just spent quite some time writing up a bit of background on this zine here for our sporadically updated << tape-echo.com >> site (if you know, you know), so we won't go into as much detail with this write up here - but we'd encourage you to check out the site for the full scoop on this special book and tape, from our dear friend and unique creative force Max Kelan, served up via Ceramics, the label that recently gave us Tod Daraku, and has furnished us with many more one-of-kind, special offerings over the years.

Enter the raw, uncompromising world of Max Kelan >>

‘Max Kelan - Collected Writings and Poetry’ is out now via Ceramics.
20 page zine + photographs from site specific reading at Stanton Drew and graphics by the inhouse Lok'Tar studios.
Comes with a C40 cassette recording of Max Kelan reciting the poems, recorded in one intoxicated, shroomed up session at St. Gabriel’s Industrial Estate, in 2020.