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Post Materialization Music - Mailbomb Vol. 2!


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Mailbomb Vol. 2 is here!
The Extended Post Materialisation family at the paint-splattered, tape-hissed, joyful-noise-making controls!

What a killer package this is once again - Mailbomb Vol. 1 was a big favourite here, and Vol. 2 lives up to expectations once more -

A book rammed with print art explorations in fine DIY style from the PMM collective in St. Petersburg, Russia, served across lots and lots of explosive pages of screenprint and risoprint collagery, stapled off cuts and mad fold out pages and posters, and bonus newsletters and dished up with a Lathe Cut 5" record (yep, you heard right! - good memories of ye olde pulse marley fuckpunk release spring to mind).

Contributions from Smell & Quim, Expose Your Eyes, Alena Krivilla, Post-Materialists, Dee Dee Darkfolk, Paulie Shankwank, Ratward, Sam Gas Can and more >>