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R & D - Consistency

Burden Imprint

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Inaugural USB & Poster edition on the Burden imprint, ran by Gordon Apps aka Relapse aka one half of Mechanical Reproductions / FuckPunk / Slack Alice / Bristol stallions Bad Tracking...

R & D is a collaborative project between Gordon Apps & Sandy Seppa (Slugwife Collective), and this artefact collects a corrosive quadrant of soundsystem sonics from the pair.
First up, the real animal in the pack 'Slowspew' .. operating on half-time pace, with strangled samplism and stretched out drones fizzing and spewing in between vertebrae-breaking percussive elements. Something like Zuli's 'Bionic Ahmed' anthem on UIQ from a few years back, but with a load of extra darkness.
A hefty piece, it's worth grabbing this thing just to cop that track if you ask us.
Creeping Flesh is next up in line, inhabiting similar Alien vs Predator stealth sonics and ruffneck IDM vibes... It's like Skrillex, trapped in a dark room with a blade to his throat.
Trick Track rolls on a more ethereal tip, stretching arcade sonics and breakbeat hack-ups into something kinda '10 Daedelus / Flylo esque, but with a more pacey style... Widescreen beat-science.
The final piece loaded up here for you to inject into your computer system, is the choppy DnB halfsteppa 'And Breathe'... Triplet-trippin rhythms and menacing ambience hackups sounding like we just got access into some high-security systems and the system is being shut the f*ck down from the inside.
Futuristic and finely crafted rhythm-experimentalism. Well suited for the format!

Limited edition USB stick + poster.

R & D - Slowspew

R & D - Creeping Flesh

R & D - Trick Track

R & D - And Breathe