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Special Interest - Trust No Wave


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100% the last band we saw before lockdown (courtesy of Schwet a la Exchange) and thus the peak of our old life, Special Interest continue to be the most exciting sound on plague planet. Even heard in reverse time format via Trust No Wave (their earliest demos from 2016) things are impossibly even MORE knuckle bleeding.

Completely rotten, toxic flesh melting away from the musical bones of all the corpses u were ever sold by the music press. Special Interest are the body horror no-wave soundtrack you've always dreamed of, trust. NOLA leather Daddy/Mommy glam chrome aliens finally flexing with 2020 Suicide and Sonic Youth strutting with Yeah Yeah Yeahs yaws.

DISCO DISCO DISCO WE WANT DISCO: 'Disco' and 'Service' are already bony-fried classics of exhilaration and the whirlllll of industrialised toms and venom, MOVE FUCKERS MOVE these aren't just words on a page but sounds to flip cars to. So please hit play now.

Disciples do the good lord's work for her by re-issuing this on xtra crunchy cassette and Vinyl + LP format - with solo projects from the band promised soon inna expanding overview stylee of the most vital band in your sweet young life (check the Psychic Hotline cassette already on our site).

First time vinyl pressing with bonus track, new sleeve designed by Studio Tape Echo and 8 page risographed zine insert.

1. Disease
3. (Fluid) Bound 2
4. ATC
5. Art Walk
6. Service
7. Black Silk Stalking
8. I’ll Never Do Ketamine Again


(Fluid) Bound 2

Art Walk

I'll Never Do Ketamine Again