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Synergy - Paulina Korobkiewicz & Jack Martyn Richardson


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Absolute stunner of a zine from our dear friends Manonmars and Paulina Korobkiewicz - Young Echo family.

It’s a big pleasure to stock these things of beauty, providing, across 44 colour pages, along with poster, sticker and postcards, an in-depth view at recent works from Jack Martyn Richardson (aka Manonmars), photographed with a very keen-eye for detail and perspective, by Paulina Korobkiewicz - put together with great care for quality and sensical consecution of patterns, colour and peppered with visual hints at the work process, it’s a really intriguing visual firework, without the need to even be loud about it - the paint, wether sprayed, painted or otherwise layered, speaks for itself here, and tells all the stories that words could never.

Check the official story about the Synergy zine right here, for further insight:

Synergy is a collaboration between photographer, Paulina Korobkiewicz and painter, Jack Martyn Richardson. The couple explores how two creative approaches allow each other to exist in unison.

The zine combining spray paint prints and polaroids of the process behind them, is an outcome of their self-assigned residency in the countryside of Suwalszczyzna, Poland where Paulina grew up. The landscape of this region which inspired Paulina’s photographic practice serves as a background for Jack’s painting process which, in turn becomes the subject of their collaboration. The joint publication is accompanied by a video emphasising the physicality of the work as well as its relationship to the environment it's being made in. The process of making the publication overlays with its outcome, exploring how a process is also a result and vice versa.

The publication has two versions of the cover. The package wrapped in a transparent plastic sleeve includes a one postcard, two posters and two stickers.

Edition of 100, with two different colour versions.

44 pages, full colour.

21 x 29,7 cm, each version includes limited edition postcard, two posters and two stickers.