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zweikommasieben Magazin #14


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Issue 14!

Still the best ‘zine we know for underground art & music: zweikommasieben –

We have half a handful of this issue - nr 14 in the highly collectable series - picked up direct from source (well halfway between Bristol and 'source' - we got these when we met the guys in Berlin some time ago) -
Last chance to grab a copy of this soon-to-be rare cult item!

The german translation for ‘twopointseven’, this quarterly print - now in it’s 18th edition - is a testament to this rather solid DIY venture from a group of friends (check the Praesens Editionen imprint for more insights into their doings) around Zurich, Switzerland.

zweikommasieben combines well-researched writing and in-depth interviews with some of the most intriguing figures in electronic music and beyond –
It’s a truly informative venture, packed with character (and characters).
Each ‘zine packs a masterclass in design – each one has a different look and feel – wether it’s a curious mix of page sizings, colour photos offset on newsprint, foil sleeves etc etc – they’re always a pleasure to unfold…
It’s a necessary statement against the quickwash of internet hype and the scroll race against time.
They’re also written in German and English, so if you’re bilingual with those languages you can read it zweimal (or more).

"It is in the nature of modern communication systems that everything can be said—Susan Sontag made this claim at the end of the seventies of the last century. Fantasies, ideas, themes, and images: today, the great equalizing machine that is the Internet presents these things in all possible contexts, whereby each context is then automatically placed on equal terms with all the others. Important political, aesthetic, and cultural differences are also threatened with a permanent leveling. The involuntary trajectories of things and the associated mutations present a variety of challenges for artists. This also applies to emerging forms of music and sound, which are of primary interest to us. The contributions to this issue all deal with this problem in different ways and on different levels."

This edition features a whole host of favourites, from Milan's Macao / Haunter Records veteran 'Heith' aka Daniele Guerrrini and HR fam Petit Singe, to recent NoCorner signing 'Broshuda' through to Cairo's hottest export (and heat is not scarce in that city) Zuli, sharing pages and wise words with the likes of Carla Dal Forno, Ekman, Bernardo Feminielli etc etc!

This one's well worth a delve!
Black coffee and a moroccan-mountain flavoured cigarette with this one please.

148 pages, worldwide edition of 1600 - sold out at source.