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Anna Funk Damage - Badass Bitch


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LazyTapes is back, kicking off the year 2020 with a set of ruffneck club sonics from Andrea Natale, aka Anna Funk Damage!

Reaching level 10 on the barometer of sleaze, sweat & hardcore rhythm, this record recalls the undeniably frustrated, yet care-free anti-establishment energy of the likes of Nitzer Ebb, Spectre, The Mover, Egyptian Lover, DJ Rashad & Techno Animal, while sounding fresh and loaded with the trademark intensity of Anna Funk Damage's unhinged, raw & free-styling production technique.

The A side of the disc grinds into gear in slapdash EBM & Industrial styles with 'Badass Bitch' and 'Bloodydeath'. Flip it to the B side for extra doses of speed injected straight into the vein, with the f*cked up trance cut 'Elm Street Faster Edition' and the mangled footwork vs bassbin techno rhythm 'This Is Why I'm Hot', finishing this burner of a record with a relentless staccato of kicks, hi hats and trash-can snares, with the underlying blue chords hinting at a chance of solace amongst the flames.

Mastered & cut by Lewis at Stardelta.
Limited edition of 300 units,
served with screenprinted artwork,
designed by Patch D. Keyes in fine LT style.

Badass Bitch


Elm Street Faster Edition

This Is Why I'm Hot