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Bad Tracking - Widower

Bokeh Versions

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Bad Tracking are back with a visceral, knife-edge set of 2k20 industrial, served on a 12" slab for this outing with Bristol family & ATC string Bokeh Versions.

This is the kind of record we needed in order to burn away the pain of Boris Johnson and his fellow fvckwits, the anti-establishment anti-soundtrack to the fear-mongering politricks of 2019 and for the probably worse-to-come 2020. This is the brukkup, burnt-out, anguished call for arms against all blood sucking vampires and self-righteous keyboard warriors causing further grief and confusion to an already split nation of Iphone addicts and the deluded, algorithm strengthening twists & turns of our social media 'reality', fed on a daily by our consumption-hungry, endorphine-searching habits away from RL.


....Now, we've said our bit on this powerful record, and we're passing the mic over to Bokeh Versions for further apt information on Bad Tracking, and this release:

"And we used to be such a nice record label... BKV 026 swells up from the Bristol swamp in the forms of post-human industrial duo Bad Tracking. Here they have assembled variously, one spacious black metal intro (with original screams), an industrial-pop earworm not unlike Depeche Mode imploding in a feedback tunnel, two itch-tek dancefloor riddims name-cheking local venue bans and I just don't know what to call 'Wellspring' really, the end of days? Well you had it coming anyway.

Known in town for upsetting local MPs and licencees with their live performances as 'naked technology sex slaves'

A1 Eriksson 2:40
A2 Widower 3:35
A3 Banned From Motion 4:33
B1 Banned From Fini 3:02
B2 Wellspring 5:50



Banned From Motion

Banned From 'fini