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Commodo - Deft 1s

Black Acre

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Bold new steps from the don Commodo, climbing down from F_ck Mountain into darker, more underground territory, with this release on Black Acre, thankfully now available on wax - 'cos it's a keeper.

Deft 1s sees Commodo take a refreshing turn into shoegazin' post-punkin', but still heavily dubwise, 'steppin territory. Across these three tracks, you can hear deft chops and melodics of the bass guitar diving into a smoky haze of typically loose, low-slung drums, and reverberated goth moods. It's a slight departure from his 'previous sound' but the lineage is still held together in a real solid, comprehensive way - maybe the glue is, that it's still packed full of hard-hitting sub weight, proper seamless hooks, and those perfectly lean rhythms.
As the label say, here Commodo is 'Rubbing shoulders with Fugazi and Mudhoney without losing any of the gravity altering production skills. These are 140bpm rap instrumentals excised from the burning embers of the Dischord Records back-catalogue patiently waiting for Jello Biafra's vocals. Rap collides with Punk and Dubstep to scream into the void.'

Proper addictive, and perfectly moody gear.
Buy on sight tbh.

Killer artwork by Joshua Hughes-Games.

Deft 1s


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