• Dubkasm - Transform I Remixes - Jakes / Gemmy

Dubkasm - Transform I Remixes - Jakes / Gemmy

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Next up in the series of Remixes from the Dubkasm Album ‘Transform I’ Released in 2009, we have fellow Bristolians ‘Jakes’ and ‘Gemmy’ taking up the task.

Probably the toughest of all the remixes, yet very true to the steppers dub nature of the Dubkasm original, ‘Hail Jah’ is remixed by Jakes in a ‘steppers-dubstep’ style with tough 4x4 rhythms and a pace that never lets off.
This track is not to be underestimated, when deployed on a sound system this one does true damage.Hard Kick drums and flinging snares scatter over a consistent hi-hat pattern and a commanding vocal loop, reinforcing that sense of power and force that is so present with the original.

On the other side we have Gemmy’s delightfully wonky and colourful remix of ‘City Walls’. Reintroducing the hook in a digital style and pairing it in a call and response manner, with that solumn, yet upful gliding synthline.A stepping Kick pattern along with steady Snare and well placed drum fills sit perfectly along with the recognizable skank and a ‘vocoded’ version of the vocal.

Pure memories on 12”. 

Dubkasm ft. Ras Addis - Hail Jah (Jakes Remix)

Dubkasm ft. Ras Addis - City Walls (Gemmy Remix)