• Dubkasm - Transform I Remixes - Peverelist / Guido

Dubkasm - Transform I Remixes - Peverelist / Guido

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12” single from the ‘Transform I – Remixed’ Album, featuring two Bristol figures that have become well known Bristol producers ever since the rise of dubstep: ‘Peverelist’ and ‘Guido’.

‘Strictly Ital’ gets revisited by Pev - the one-and-only time he has remixed a vocal track – creating a new space for it to sway, moving through sub-low territory with unstoppable force and low-frequency pressure.
Real meditational vibe and heads-down flow on this one, with Ras Addis’ vocal delayed and skewed to great effect, leaving plenty of room for each individual sound to become focus point, squeezed through a chain of dub-style effects, creating a sense of dread and open space that is not to be touched - this is one of those tracks that has to played from start to finish!

Guido touches the downbeat ‘Nya Keith’, originally a real mellow number featuring low slung double-bass enveloped with laid back Sax and Percussion, Guido transforms the track with dismantled synth-arrpeggios, a revised bassline and staggered drum beats, injecting a new dose of melody into it, lacing the track with his signature style ‘purple’ sound.  The real connection between Dubkasm’s original and Guido’s remix is Digistep’s Saxophone part, which sits neatly in between the two and proves a logical combination especially seen as Guido has previously been known for his love of sax melodies.

Two great tracks that pretty much describe the Bristol Scene circa 2009 / 10. 

Dubkasm ft. Ras Addis - Strictly Ital (Peverelist Remix)

Dubkasm - Nya Keith (Guido Remix)