• Duppy Gun x Element -  Andromeda EP
  • Duppy Gun x Element -  Andromeda EP

Duppy Gun x Element - Andromeda EP

Bokeh Versions

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Cybotron dancehall combination styles from JA to Japan, blasting out of this world via loudspeakers like a signal to all alien soundsystem freaks outside, and inside our orbit.

Seeing the Duppy Gun x Bokeh Versions link grow (&live) strong once again is an affirmative feeling - some things are meant to be, meant to happen - and this cross-continental unity thru fresh & current sound experiments in the dancehall continuum, making sure Jamaica stays recognised & respected as the home of all of this music we love, whilst remembering that 'music is for everybody, no matter where you're from' is exactly this. 
This 12" disc with vocal & riddim, plays out like a conversation between the futurist instrumental hybrids of Riddim Chango's 'Element', laced with vocal injections straight out of the extended Duppy Gun connection, with the unstoppable Ijahbar, Darkblood, G Sudden and King G setting the levels with x amount of energy, positively setting the scene for this sound world that's being built by them, and worldwide collaborators.

From the pitch-harmonized vocals on the homage to all JA family and the extended crew worldwide, over the title-giving Andromeda Riddim, through to herb anthem Puff it, followed by G Suddens next wave for all feel good crew, then into King G's Chopdawg homage - the vibes are set to maximum level on this - pure energy, and big amounts of cool, contained within the heat.

It's a pleasure to have the rhythms following vocal cuts on this record to, for all version excursionists and for those who want to pass the mic and lay something down on the spot, live in the dance.

Producer 'Element' does the name justice, fusing pieces of grime, electro, steppers and aux channel madness into a unique blend of dancehall for 2022 and beyond. Cars might drive themselves soon, but the music will always be driven by people, so it's good to know that the future is still being catered for, sonically.

Go get this, and all / any of the Bokeh-Duppy-Chango dancehall concoctions, and support a good thing, heartfelt and full of positive momentum.

Served in printed reverse board sleeve.

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I Jahbar Darkblood - Love My People


Element - Andromeda Riddim


I Jahbar Darkblood - Puff It"

Element - Puff It Riddim


G Sudden - Walk Stagger Rum Song""


King G - Chopping


Element - Rum Song Riddim