• FFT - E7H Ritual

FFT - E7H Ritual

Bristol Normcore

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FFT lands on the 1&only Bristol NormCore with six synthesized cyberpunk ventures that touch on re-imagined rave palettes, grime, AFX type worlds and stealthy & futuristic, yet deeply melancholic ambience - served up on a 12" (and with free DL) in fine style >>

Already on the deceptively titled first track 'Stillness', the album kicks off with an impressively wide-spanning arrangement of fine tuned muted melodies and gated hi-hats, swirling into subtle symphonies and harmonically morphing frequencies over bassline and percussive elements, before gushing into elasticated hi-tek synth worlds - It's a vast achievement in terms of motion in a track, sonically and melodically. It's maximal and dynamic, but in its essence, it feels not far from the restrained dread of the Annihalation soundtrack, perhaps.

Death, the second track, goes into more solemn moods, but still retains this disorientating feeling of lightheadedness which FFT has really mastered in a very technical, but also extremely musical way. We'd even say there is a cinematic element to the music, but we don't really want to splash it with that brush, because the music here stil retains way more intimacy and a way deeper, wider sense of exploration than most modern film music does.

Through the following cuts Prayer, Transformasjon and Heaven, FFT weaves new pathways into cyberpunk worlds - inserted directly into the mainframe via neuron channel transmitters of course - through hi-freq ambience and starved-CPU synthesis, cross-wired and refracted by rhythmical interjections.

By the time we get to the final cut, E7H Ritual, we're deep in the gutter of what's left, trawling through corrupted data, finding only faint reminders of the music that existed before.. What remains is a darkened, yet hopeful glimpse, a shimmer.

... A brilliant album, and a great counterpart to the vast, but always future-facing discography of the Bristol NormCore label and its artists.


 Mastered by Beau Thomas at Ten Seven Eight.
Concept, Artwork, Designs: Stefano Tamburino, Yudi Hernandez, Aleksandr Prytula.