• Flatliners & Mr Foul / The Untouchables

Flatliners & Mr Foul / The Untouchables


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Next up on the 457 imprint, we are graced with another slice of dubwise pressure on 7”.

On one side, another tough drum & bass half-stepper from ‘Flatliners’:
A steadily growling bassline and effective drum breaks rolling throughout the track, creating a real ‘heads-down-and-skank’ mood, only to be lifted momentarily by the euphoric ‘Jah Victory’ vocal-extract, before everything plunges back into the sonic depths of a minimalist, rootical jungle track steeped in dub.

‘War Of Kings’ is more heavily centered on a chopped up drum rhythm and basslines reminiscent of the 90’s era of Jungle music, but still fits in with the deep soundscapes of other 457 releases, filled with spring reverb and distant dub sirens to great effect!

Authentic Jamaican style 45 with cut out hole. Comes in a hand-stamped green paper sleeve. 

Flatliners & Mr Foul - Jah Victory

The Untouchables - War Of Kings