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J. Tripp - Off Peak Constant


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Fresssssh out on PLAQUE, a new Bristol-NYC subway connection to the house of GEORGIA, with J. Tripp at the controls -

"Arriving just on time for the departure of 2020 is our beloved J.Tripp, one half of New York's audio-visual powerhouse GEORGIA. Embarking on his first full length solo excursion for the Plaque conductors. The elevated tracks of ‘Off-Peak Constant’ climb from the bowels of a towering metropolis. Whilst straphangers bask in fresh dizzying fumes, Tripp throws up nine end-to-end burners for the ride."

It's nice to see our friends at PLAQUE let those roots grow and look out from the treetop once more, following on from killer tapes of Best Available Technology, Salac, EMPLOYEE and of course Broshuda (in tow with his YATA DSP alias), the label now present us with 9 cuts from the lab of NYC's Justin Tripp, who let's purple smoke fill up the dancehall, and eski-ambience freeze the riddim-road by way of hazy beat tape magic and cool & deadly rap instrumental vibes that sound like they could've been dark memories out of 90's Memphis, laced with some Steely & Clevie type energy.

We could go on painting pictures, amplifying our love for this and telling you exactly how smooth even the rockiest road could be with these reels in your walkman - but perhaps you're best left to find out yourself, or as PLQHQ say themselves:

"For this concrete quest, please pay your fare and alight at the next platform."

... Please board with complete confidence.

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All tracks written and produced by Justin Tripp (J.TRIPP)
Mastered by Austin Shepherd.
Artwork by Hamish Trevis (Kin40k).
Forged at West Kennet Long Tapes.

1: Down Grand 05:16
2. M65 Ripstop Eternal 06:17
3. Tabor 04:09
4. TFW 42nd After 7 05:08
5. Russian Bath On Neck Road (Interlude) 04:25
6. Nearby Naud Junction 05:16
7. Together 5 Up 04:41
8.4 Life 04:49
9.Lost In Nay Aug 06:02

Down Grand

M65 Ripstop Eternal


Russian Bath On Neck Road (Interlude)