• Kahn & Neek - Backchat / Dubchat (Badman Edition)

Kahn & Neek - Backchat / Dubchat (Badman Edition)

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Standard edition available here.

It’s no secret that the pair are massive Grime and Dancehall heads, the latter heavily informing their ‘Gorgon Sound’ project, which debuted on Peng Sound records earlier this year.

Backchat swaggers into the gap between that and their debut collaborative release ‘Percy’; the rudeness of Grime and instantly energizing step of Dancehall drums are expertly woven together to form Backchat, a tried and tested dance destroyer that rarely makes more than a few seconds past the drop before the inevitable wheel-up.

The flip, ‘Dubchat’ is a syrup sippin’ refix of the title track, wading through a dense fog of stretched vocals and Goldeneye gunshots – think DJ Screw spillin that pint of lean on the mixing desk while Wiley plays N64 in the background and you’re halfway there.

Designed by Studio Tape-Echo.

This 'Collectors Edition' features a very limited screen-printed run of the 'Badman Commandments' as well the A6 'Callgirl' card.