• Kahn & Neek - Gorgon Grime (Jelly Red Cassettes)

Kahn & Neek - Gorgon Grime (Jelly Red Cassettes)


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‘A 40 minute sonic bricolage of golden era grime, pieced together by Kahn & Neek’.
This Tape perfectly captures the raw energy and attitude of the golden days of Grime music. Snippets of historic pirate radio moments and clips of hectic freestyle sessions captured on underground DVD’s such as ‘Risky Roads’ which used to circulate within the scene in those days when uk underground music was based around the tower block aerials, heated raves, white label pressings circulating in record shops and mixtapes passed around in the neighbourhood.

Along with a top choice of audio, quotes from some of the greatest figures in grime music blend together with tails of reverb, soundbytes and tape hiss, sounding like a battered tape that’s been recorded over and over, leaving only the most treasured memories remaining. Ending up with a 40-minute homage filled with some of the most road Grime instrumentals ever made and some of the gulliest bars to grace the airwaves, ‘Gorgon Grime’ is a must-have for all fans of the Genre and a great documentation of an important part in UK underground music.

Comes with full colour, foldout insert featuring a cut and paste collage made by the C26 Crew.
- Jelly Red Cassette Special Edition exclusively available via rwdfwd.com - Limited Editon of 20.

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