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Karima F, Dynamo Dreesen, Nico, Mosca - MF002

Mother's Finest

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MF002 is here. Disc 2, as part of the long-awaited compilation from one of Berlin's club institutions ran by Franklin De Costa & co - Mother's Finest.

This two-part compilation 12"s from Berlin's Mother's Finest club night turned record label, brings together a whole heap of extended family that have contributed to dancefloor movements at their nights, and now contribute with dancefloor movements for wax, and therefore further movement.
None other than Laurel Halo, Batu, Hodge, Carl Gari, Franklin De Costa, Dynamo Dreesen, Karima F, Mosca & Nico complete the lineups for these pink & blue pieces of excellent vinyl.

The Mother's Finest parties in Berlin are somewhat of a staple for forward thinking dance music in Berlin, centred around techno and more broken, UK rhythms, with the likes of Hodge & DJ Bone being regular residents, and many of the world's most treasured DJ's and producers finding their way into the dark confines of the Griessmuehle club for at least 24hours of party.
RIP Griessmuehle, which is sadly now shut.
While MF finds a new home, we can revel in these two fine slabs of wax from a whole gang of talented, extended family.

This second disc brings together the next round of participants in the MF club series:
Karima F, Algerian-Norwegian out of Oslo, and boss of Schloss Records, comes first with the Limmy-referencing (instant bonus points) Falconhoof, which let's Soca rhythms collide with the 'Berlin sound' - minimalist, functional and utterly danceable rhythm & melody concoctions with the DJ in mind, and the dancefloor in sight. Dynamo Dreesen, a veteran of the scene (Acido etc etc!) steps up for the A2 with a liquid, supremely funky slab of techno that will have hips shakin' in no time. The big, bad Mosca steps up next, rolling straight in with some truly crunchy drums and lashings of fx, and guttural, electroid rhythm-styles.
Next up, Mexico City's 1&only Nico is at the controls, with 'Common Drum' - don't worry, there's a lot more to it than the title might suggest!

Versatile club gear from some of the finest in the game -
It's a no brainer if you want a tight selection of potent dancefloor music for your bag.

comes with DL code including extra tracks too!

Ltd pink vinyl, printed sleeve.

A1. Karima F - Falconhoof 5:37
A2. Dynamo Dreesen - From This Era 6:34
B1. Mosca - Swann Morton 6:25
B2. Nico - Common Drum 5:11

Karima F - Falconhoof

Dynamo Dreesen - From This Era

Mosca - Swann Morton

Nico - Common Drum