• Kinlaw & Franco Franco - Crocs On The Plough / O$VMV$M Version
  • Kinlaw & Franco Franco - Crocs On The Plough / O$VMV$M Version

Kinlaw & Franco Franco - Crocs On The Plough / O$VMV$M Version


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The 7th 7" in the 7" series on NoCorner is here......

Kinlaw & Franco Franco's already-anthemic 'Crocs On The Plough' banger, cut to disc with a screwed dub version by Young Echo's O$VMV$M.

We've been itching to get this disc out to the world for some time, and we really did wrestle for this one - trust. So it's with extra delight that we can now present this tune from Bristol / Avon's very own Kinlaw & Franco Franco - the name of the duo that should be well on your radar by now - if not: make sure to skip back a couple of chapters and check their albums on Avon Terrror Corps (last good-lookin' copies of their most recent one are still available here - the first one is long sold out!)

Pitch-sliding rap in italiano versus pheasantry-grade industrial rhythmz - 

Kinlaw & Franco Franco have been causing a proper raucous with their unique cyberpunk-industrial style, both on record and live in the dance - From breaking legs in countryside sheds, to pissing off german bouncers by way of moshing crowds at Atonal in Berlin - the two have been flying the flag for righteous noise and much needed energy boosts for some time now, and 'Crocs In The Plough' has been a staple in their sets for some time now, providing an equal parts soothing, yet crushing piece of sonic tapestry that summons many moods and even timelines - effectively sitting in a world of it's own:
somewhere between medieval ditty, future-shocked italian rap, and Timbaland-worthy RnB-esque melodics... And of course Crocs... on a plough, no less.

Once you've let the original cut play on loop for a while - when you're ready - you can dive into the O$VMV$M version and take the trip into hallucinogenic-grade, valium-step chopped & $crewed dub territory - $VM & VMO$ take the track to a place where the Crocs On The Plough go sl0-mo, into sub-zero outer space.
Letting the melody drift weightlessly around distant echos of the vocal - this one takes you far away, and brings you back only momentarily, like the wake up call of a fragmented heart beat, hitting when those drum sounds go collatoral like meteorites on crash course with our croc-powered spaceship -

Edition of 200.
hand-stamped centre labels.
Printed reversed board sleeve - designed by Kin40k and Studio Tape-Echo.

Mastered by Ben Tregaskes. Cut & pressed at Ramona.





Kinlaw & Franco Franco - Crocs On The Plough

Kinlaw & Franco Franco - Crocs On The Plough (O$VMV$M Version)