• O$VMV$M - Beach Road EP
  • O$VMV$M - Beach Road EP
  • O$VMV$M - Beach Road EP

O$VMV$M - Beach Road EP


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Young Echo's $VM & VMO$ aka O$VMV$M are bvck with a new piece,following up Rider Shafique's 'When Will We Learn' 7" with this hella vibey six track EP of wicked O$VMV$M instrumentals presed up on a 12" via their own imprint.

Still perfectly obscure and deranged, but leaning into tracky-er, drum rhythm-driven pieces too, Beach Road is laced with haunted rhythms, lazer-zap sludgehall and cool & easy bangers galore. It's O$VMV$M in fine style. Another essential piece in the collection, if you ask us.

Six tracks, all killer, no filler - a versatile selection that shows off O$VMV$M's unique take on a very broad, but still somehow aesthetically mutual range of samples and sounds - from chopped & screwed drums to anxious fx to tongue-in-cheek vocal chops - into a masterful sludge of addictively skewed rhythms, weird fx & melody hooks.

Hard to pick a favourite on this one - the first track stands out already though, with its tough(er) drum step and a bit of a nod to post-punk or synth pop maybe, with a bit of grime in there of course. Gives us good memories of that Creta Kano O$VMV$M Remix that came out on Happy Skull some years ago too - another big banger.

Speaking of bangers tho - the 2nd track is 100% a gert banger our kid. Gunfingers raised.
Yasuaki Shimizu doing a special guest set in the grime dance at Luigi's Mansion.

Next up, O$ go Abbey (Road?!?) with a dread-induced (that Megabus drive to London can be tough) creeper... If you're feeling this one, make sure you dig back and check out the Weekend Saviour record they put out on NoCorner a few moons ago too!

The title track, Beach Road, is proper, 'niiiice, ah'. The return of the creeky gate sound and some melancholy chimes for extra measure, what's not to like?

Two shorter cuts finish of the disc, with 'Digital' letting a dancehall style rhythm roll around its axis, complete with cat miaows, life support bleeps and wheelup sounds - again, what's not to like?

Last but not least 'Follow' leads the way with a phased slo mo crud beat and reverbed bass, the last tune at that dance at Luigi's Mansion down Beach Road perhaps.

...There's our take of this great record.
It's best if you hear for yourself though - hit that button if you know what's up. You won't regret it, promise.

Comes with DL.

"6 Tracks,
Severn Beach to Sand Bay,
more phone mic recordings of doors,
sound art cannot be stopped."

12" in printed sleeve.
Artwork by S.Barrett & A.Childs.
music by O$VMV$M.
mastered by Benjamin Tregaskes (Raw Audio).
thank you to: Guest, Lurka, D Jenergy, Colette, Kapake, Barnstormer

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Beach Road