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  • Popon - Bubu

Popon - Bubu

Heat Crimes

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Helllllll yeahhh - our dear friend, and Japanese sound artist, cute-toy collector, and ex-punk band micgirl Tomomi has now stepped up out from the shadows of Berlin's DIY circuit and improv scene with her first full release under new alias 'Popon' -

We spotted her on an 'improv's finest' Bristol compilation not long ago too, but this one is the special one right here, served up on new label (to look out for) Heat Crimes... And packed to the brim with tripped out freeform noise and rhythm driven breakcore / tekno minimalism, going full charge in all directions.

When you stick on 'Bubu' - make sure to put your seatbelt on - it's going to be a real ride. Once you're locked into this hallucinogenic magick of sound and rhythm frenzy, you can dive into the unique well of influnces in Popon's music - you can probably hear that she spent some years living in Bristol (if you turn up the volume enough), and you can tell that she comes from the school of punk, and perhaps also japanese noise. But most of all, you can hear a playfulness in there - with such a solid attitude towards breaking the 'rules' of production, melodics, harmony, and finding new paths and possibilites in the process - it's no surprise her previous alias  was 'un-know' - embracing a constant sense of exploration, without preconceptions holding back any creative urge.

you could be fooled by her non conformist attitude towards childish sounds and cute things (true punks don't have rules) there is a child-like attitude to creativity and openness to her music (to be clear: that's a very positive thing btw, don't get us wrong) but in the end of the day, what we hear is a mature, grown and wordly attitude to music making. Free from boundaries of backwards 'rules' or restrictions - the sound just goes where it wants to - and Popon guides the madness with care and attention, but not just to tame the noise, but more so to guide it into a continued state of anarchy.... A world where demented toy-esque melodies (quite possibly recorded from toys too, knowing her) - clash with hectic rave sounds and darkest dread ambience... Whipping up a dangerous storm, and dancing inside it.

From the cavernous noise of the opening track (knock knock who's there? - hi it's me, the apocalypse) through to the warped ragga noise and double-time junglist-noise pressure of the closing tracks, and right into other tornados of sweet & sour sound - you never know where the music goes next with Popon. In fact, it's that constant element of surprise, and untamed wildness - something not many manage to capture (in the noise world, or dance music world) this sense of freedom and the ear for intrgue - that is the beauty of this music.

... Truly fresh, and f*cking fierce too.

Welcome, Popon.


Limited to 100 copies.
Tasty lookin' cassette with full on-body print and double sided J-Card.


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