• Scope Otaku - They Came From The Sea
  • Scope Otaku - They Came From The Sea
  • Scope Otaku - They Came From The Sea

Scope Otaku - They Came From The Sea

Scope Otaku

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Scope Otaku, the reel-buried, mixing desk fader ghost from around (just under) the highlands, rearing that mysterious (tape) head out of the deep sea of dub, Otaku style, with this next incarnation of proper DIY tape movements.

We have two handfuls of copies here, sent to us some moons ago, and they're now finally up on our site and ready to ship out to tape players worldwide.

Some of you might remember that 'out of the blue' Scope Otaku tape 'Scars Of Babylon' which we had a bit of helping hand in getting out to the world (only by formal approval and encouragement and faciliation of tape dispatch, but we're still proud)

Well here is a righteous follow-up, digging deeper into the mist of Scope Otaku's dub-shrouded creations. Inside this 11 track tape, you'll find dank non-space ambience, blade runner esque scenarios of transport 'in between' cyberpunk worlds, rattling steppers, drum chugs and plenty of dubwise bassline boom.

It's a wild ride which comes in the form of measured dub-waves and more unhinged currents, nightcrawlers lurking in between blackened night time waves, and beach side nocturnal free party vibrations, all of which could just be a figment of our imagination, because these sonic revelations disappeared like a fata morgana, once we got too up-close for inspection.
... 'They Came From The Sea'.

Grab one before it's gone -
Ltd edition high quality home-dubbed tape packs, including killer artwork from Scope Otaku.


1. surface 00:51
2. ocean swell 02:20
3. pressure 03:57
4. tombs 05:02
5. ziggurat 07:27
6. below 01:13
7. siege weapon 05:20
8. abdication dub 04:35
9. gemini 03:02
10. dreich 06:01
11. depth 01:40

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