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Slack Alice - 5th Birthday Compilation

Slack Alice

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Bristol's Slack Alice gang celebrate their 5th year of running no-fux-given / lots-of-fun-had parties in pubs and other spots with a killer compilation by artists who have performed music & drank together here over the years -

Held together by artist & DJs Max Kelan (Bad Tracking / Salac / ATC), YOKEL (Plaque / ATC), and boss DJ's Anina and Nadoone, Slack Alice kicked things off in the infamous Surrey Vaults pub (RIP) on weekday evenings back in the day. From Noise, to Industrial, Synth Pop, EBM, Dancehall, Grime, Jazz, Post-Punk, there were no rules and it was always that pub event where you'd go and hear a mix of stuff you might not hear at your usual pub.
But then, Surrey Vaults was no 'usual pub' anyway - it was more like some kind of youth centre turned loose, with a nice mix of random friends and unknowns hunched up together in those confines. Usually it'd happen downstairs by the bar with that haggard PA, under the stairwell, or on some occasions in the upstairs room. There was that time when the sub was barely able to be lifted up the fire escape doors in order to get it up there, but the window rattling that ensued made it worthwhile. There are many other drunken stories of course. Then there was the Brunswick Club, an old Working Men's Club turned venue / artist space, literally up the road from the Surrey Vaults, and with a similar DIY spirit. Both the Surrey & The Brunswick Club had to shut down in recent time, due to the usual frictions with landlords / investors, and are sadly missed.
This scenario, and of course a certain pandemic, put Slack Alice's events on hold for a little while. But the good news is that the new Surrey Vaults (re)incarnation Mickey Zoggs aka the Noods Radio HQ, and the much anticipated opening of new venue Strange Brew, and revamped 'The Exchange' are giving nights like Slack Alice the chance to continue to exist in it's own anarchic way and continue bring people together and 'ave some fkin fun, basically.
With that in mind - What better way to celebrate at least a small victory amongst the toughness and misery of much of the last 18months, than to showcase a selection of the extended Slack Alice family via this compilation?

Let's get to it...
First off: We'd happily wait 5 years for a compilation if it's as good as this, any day.
Kicking off with psychadelic radiophonixx from local-head Facta, and into business from Napalm Death drummer Mick Harris aka Scorn, to ruffstuff from Slack Alice's own YOKEL, raising hell with Ha-Trigon, into Cabaret Voltaire's Stephen Mallinder, to Avon Terror Corps v own Missterspoon, Paris-via-Bristol goth duo Fever 103, Max Kelan & Gordon Apps as Bad Tracking, into a thunderous cut from one-time Surrey Vaults bar manager October, and into a wild piece from Young Echo's Kahn. That's just the first half of the tape or so....
Bristol's industrial vinyl & raw material performance abstractionists Copper Sounds, are up next with a clanging, metallic one-leg step. James Donadio, aka Prostitutes out of Ohio (perhaps the Slack Alice guest that journeyed the most miles?) steps up next with signature rave-signalling mayhem, followed by TWINS & Spiritflesh (the project of October & Borai) in fine fashion. Athen's Jay Glass Dubs & Bristol's Robin Stewart open the vortex into infinity with the final two cuts on this compilation.

"We hope this compilation brings back memories of sweaty crowds, warm flat stout, and trampling glass in front of an oversized sound system in a cramped, back room."

Seriously. This is 100% killer, no filler business -
A proper darkside leaning, industrial-edged rumination of and a true sound/weight exercise from a fine crew of noisemakers. Get stuck in.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to independent music venues in Bristol, in light of recent events.

Edition of 100.
Comes with DL.
Mastered by Austin Shepherd.
Artwork by Anina Yates.

1. Facta - I Am A Strange Loop 03:18
2. Scorn - SC 1 VER VER 4 C Y 04:10
3. YOKEL - A.S.V (At Surrey Vaults) 01:52
4. Ha-Trigon - Hellraiser 07:14
5. Stephen Mallinder - Idle Hand 05:54
6. Missterspoon - Fused 04:36
7. Fever 103° - I Hope You Die A Painful Death 05:04
8. Bad Tracking - Spandau Mechanix 03:32
9. October - Daemon Marriage In Babylon 07:46
10. Kahn - Jitters On The Steps Of The Odeon 03:53
11. Copper Sounds - Plain Jane 04:26
12. Prostitutes - Sik@Slix 05:08
13. TWINS - Sincere 04:06
14. Spiritflesh - Fascination 07:42
15. Jay Glass Dubs - Unfair Dub 06:14
16. Robin Stewart - Lactic Acid 12:00

October - Daemon Marriage In Babylon

Facta - I Am A Strange Loop

Prostitutes - Sik@Slix

Jay Glass Dubs - Unfair Dub