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  • WSR - Dicasmia

WSR - Dicasmia

Stray Signals

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Next up on Berlin's underground, experimental event series & label Stray Signals, Emanuele Porcinai resurfaces as WSR with an utterly unique LP titled 'Dicasmia'.  A quiet masterpiece, served on 100 copies of wax.

Stepping out of the deep blue, pensive moods of the sister-brother Aperture project (check the previous Stray Signals release, ICYMI) this latest record from WSR clangs and clatters, at times in tense restraint, then pure urge and momentum, but always with a deeply intimate gaze, fixed to the ground even when breaking into full-heighted symphony.

Dicasmia sprawls and crawls it's way across 7 tracks that play out like a theatre of the mind, directed by your inner gaze, with cerebral receptors tickled by the tremolo of frequency as it shifts from rusted-metal-buried-in-soil type sounds, to lythe / weightless sonics.
Through unorthodox use of instrumentation, amplified and effected electronically, we are led on a totally beguiling path into something devastatingly raw and bruised. Refreshingly rogue, and alive. 

Prepare to have your skin peeled from your ears through to your whole body, until you imagine seeing your heart beat in real time, blood pumping vessels pulsating with the frequency of the brittle, yet complex and spectrum-filling resonances of guitar, bass, cello, and room-sound drum conjunctions, explaining worlds at once familar and personal, yet strange, unheard, almost alien.

We very much recommend playing this record loud, for the full impact of resonance and vibration. It's a stunner.

And if you didn't already, now is a good time to (re)visit the Aperture LP too, as a kind of sister-piece to this (pun intended, but we're not joking).

100 copies.
Printed Sleeve. Artwork by Davide Luciani.

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